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Floor Water Damage Repair in Newnan, McDonough & Hampton, GA

Water from a storm, leak, or overflow causes extensive damage to your wooden floors. This is more severe when you experience a flood. The first thing to do is dry out the moisture from the affected surfaces & mopping out the excess water. However, when water stands on a surface for a long time, it soaks the moisture deep inside it. Especially wooden structures. You need professional water extraction to eliminate the moisture threat & avoid mold from growing inside your home. This is exactly what Champion Cleaning Systems does best!

Since 1970, we have been offering exceptional water damage restoration services for homes & businesses in Newnan, GA. We offer heavily trained IICRC-certified crews who inspect your floors, top to bottom, looking for water damage. Furthermore, we utilize TES – World’s Fastest Drying System & Water Extraction to remediate your water-damaged floors. Our specialists ensure no affected area goes unnoticed, maximizing the chances of mold growth prevention.

residential home floor water damage restoration

24/7 Emergency Restoration for Residential & Commercial Buildings

Champion Cleaning Systems’ qualified team stays ready 24/7 to be able to help whenever our customers need water damage restoration. Our emergency services focus on removing excess water, moisture & other potential threats from your property. Once the emergency matters are taken care of, we move on to repairing structural damages and returning your home or office to its original condition. We have the equipment & expertise required to help you with fast recovery from water damage.

residential floor water damage to floor with water removal equipment

Why Choose Champion Cleaning Systems

  • Fast, 24/7 response
  • Locally owned & operated
  • Deodorization & disinfection
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Documented drying process
  • Immediate response 24/7/365
  • Truck-mounted and portable extraction units
  • Commercial/Residential water damage restoration

Trust Us for All Your Restoration Needs in Hampton & Oconee

Champion Cleaning Systems is the leading water damage restoration company in Newnan, Oconee, McDonough, Hampton & other nearby areas within Georgia. We can remediate floor water damages quickly & affordably, saving both time & money. But, in case you have mold growing on your floor, we provide permanent solutions for that too!

Our specialized mold testing & mold remediation services will ensure mold is gone from your household. Additionally, we also clean your indoor air from mold spores so that you & your family can enjoy fresher air that is not contaminated with mold. Give us a call at 678-974-1151 or click here to contact us online when you need floor water damage repairs.