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How Fast Does Mold Grow in McDonough & Newnan?

The spreading of mold can be pretty frustrating and if it is not removed then it can cause structural damage. Fortunately, the mold remediation professionals at Champion Cleaning Systems provide a one-stop solution for residential and business properties in Newnan, Douglasville, and other cities around the Greater Atlanta metro area that are looking for services related to mold removal.

It is highly suggested to contact us for a mold inspection as soon as possible if you have any reason to believe that your property may be infested with mold to prevent further damage. Once we know what kind of mold is growing on your property, we will be able to begin the appropriate mold remediation services. For a free damage inspection, call us today at 678-974-1151.

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Timeline of Mold Growth

It is difficult to establish a chronology for the development of mold. In many situations, some would claim that mold can develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours; however, the actual time it takes depends heavily on the platform as well as environmental circumstances.

Grain fungus, for instance, is able to germinate rapidly in an environment with high water activity, which refers to the quantities of free water that are accessible for the development of microorganisms. This process may take anything from a few hours to one or two days. However, if the water activity level is reduced, this process may take several weeks to many months to complete. On the other hand, several species of mold are able to flourish in environments with little or no active water.

Choose Champion Cleaning Systems for Removing Mold from Your Premise

For years, the certified mold prevention experts from Champion Cleaning Systems have been providing excellent mold-related services like Mold Testing to customers living around AtlantaMcdonough, and other regions throughout the Greater Atlanta metro area. When you require our help, give us a call at 678-974-1151 or click here to make an appointment today!