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Garage Fire Damage Restoration Services in McDonough & Newnan

Fires that start in your garage could seriously harm your property and even result in fatalities. Your car and any items kept in the garage could both be completely destroyed. It's possible that the garage fire will spread to other areas of your property. Also, if your garage is attached to your house, then the garage fire can cause serious damage to your house as well.

Don’t worry! Champion Cleaning Systems is ready to provide the best garage fire damage restoration services. We are a locally owned and operated company and our company is invested in our local communities. Our team provides 24/7/365 emergency services.

Our technicians are certified to work with every major insurance carrier at your house or office in McDonough, Newnan, Oconee, Brooks, Senoia, Bowdon, or anywhere else in the Atlanta metro region. Call us at 678-974-1151 to know more about our services.

garage fire damage in mcdonough & newnan

Tips for Preventing Garage Fires in McDonough & Newnan

Even when nothing is completely fireproof, by taking the following precautions, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of a house fire, especially one that starts in the garage:

  • Store any combustibles or flammable liquids, including wood finishes, gasoline, cleansers, chemical solvents, and spray paint, in a metal cabinet that has a closed door.
  • Make sure to allow any gasoline-powered item to totally cool down before storing it. Do not keep them close to combustible materials when storing them. Avoid storing lawnmowers with caked-on dry grass clippings since this material can burn very fast.
  • Never use fryers, grills, or any other cooking equipment that produces a lot of heat inside your garage.
  • Combustibles shouldn't be kept close to a heat source.

Rely on Us for Garage Fire Damage Restoration Services in McDonough & Newnan

At Champion Cleaning Systems, our technicians are up-to-date on the most recent training to make sure that your garage is restored as soon as possible. Our fire damage restoration services also include fire damage insurance claims assistance, structural fire damage restoration, and fire board-up. Give us a call at 678-974-1151 or click here to make an appointment with us.