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Had a water incident at the house -- started on the 3rd bathroom and the water flowed through to the dinning room and then down to the garage. I called Champion two days later and they had a project manager show up at the house immediately (he literally showed up one hour after the call and their address shows it to be an hour away according to Google Map). He answered all my questions (about filing a claim, insurance, suggested work) and went through what remediation work was suggested. They had a crew of 4 people show up 2 hours later to setup 10+ humidifiers, blowers, and ventilations in the house. The next day, another crew of 4 showed to finish the setup. The house was dried three days later; they continued to monitor the house until it was fully dried. They saved the hardwood floor... << Hardworking, very responsive, professional, knowledgeable. Can't say I would like to use their service again, but definitely highly recommend to those who should needs it .

Paul Tanpitukpongse – March 26, 2019