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Reviews for Champion Cleaning Systems

  • Comment: This is a well-run company whose crews arrive on time and do a great job. Champion is expensive, but when your basement has flooded, you need somebody who knows what they’re doing. I hope you are fortunate enough to have the crew of Jockien and Jesus. Jockien (jaw-KEEN) is exceptionally knowledgeable about water damage and mitigation and seemed to take pleasure in explaining exactly what happened and what he was doing to fix it. We felt as if our flooded basement had turned into a classroom. Jesus is kind and competent — a reservoir of skill and good humor at a time when a stricken homeowner really needs people with those qualities. If he’s on the crew, you’re in good hands. Peter, in scheduling crews for Champion, somehow balances your emergency with those of other homeowners and gets the right people to the right place. He is patient and flexible at a moment when you likely are not. And Ruben, who came out to remove all the blowers and dehumidifiers, once we had dried out, is quiet and efficient but is also the kind of person you want to stop and talk to. Thanks also to Andrew, who scoped the problem and prepared the estimate. Sorry to go on so, but these are good people. You will want them in your corner when the chips are down.
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