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Reviews for Champion Cleaning Systems

  • Comment: What we thought was a simple plumbing issue in our kitchen turned into a much larger problem. Our plumber advised that we had a leak and that he could actually see water dripping from the rafters in our crawl space.
    I called Champion Cleaning Services while the plumber was at our house, and they sent someone out immediately. The representative from Champion spoke directly with our plumber and our insurance company. Their conversations gave me peace of mind that there was no miscommunication for the repairs and cleaning that lay ahead.
    A crew was sent out that same night to begin removing countertops and cabinets. The next day, Champion arrived to remove the tile flooring so that the drying process could begin. Every associate of Champion was very personable and professional and answered any questions that we had. They were all very knowledgeable.
    Throughout the process we felt as though we were their most valuable customer.
    Excellent job guys! Thank you so much.
    Paula Robinson
    Bonnie Landis
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