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Knowing The Signs: The First Steps To Water Damage Prevention In Your Home

Water Damage Prevention In Your Home

The methods behind preventing water damage in your home are neither complicated or glamorous. In fact, they are quite redundant and usually boring. However, the alternative to water wreaking havoc throughout your home is far less desirable. One of the redundant, yet critical aspects of keeping your home water damage free is looking out for the signs and indicators of water damage occurring in your home. Below are five of these signs and what they mean for your home. Unfortunately, if you notice any of these things going on throughout your home, your home has probably already suffered from some water damage. If that is the case, our certified pros at Champion Cleaning Systems in the Peachtree City area are here to help restore your home like new.

Faulty Paint

If your paint begins to bubble, peel, chip, or show any evidence of discoloration, that’s one of the easier signs of water damage to identify. The same goes for loose or peeling wallpaper. This means that the adhesive quality of the paint or wallpaper are being worn down or diluted by water, essentially showing the sign of water entering your walls. Time to start looking for that leak.

Cracked Caulk

Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, deteriorating caulk around the base of your sink faucet is another sneaky sign of water damage. You may not realize that your sink is leaking until you have a big, moist mess underneath your sink, if you can spot it early by paying attention to the caulk, you can prevent that from ever happening. Cracked caulk around your windows can also be an indication that your window frames and/or home siding aren’t as waterproof as it needs to be. This can mean water seeping into your home through the window. If either your windows or your walls are absorbing moisture, they can expand, creating significant problems as it worsens.

Swollen Doors

If your doors become inexplicably more difficult to close it could be a result of the swelling by taking on water. The same applies to your windows as well. This is most likely to happen to wood doors and windows.

Damaged Foundation

You should not put up with cracks in or damage to the foundation of your home in any way. If you notice this, you should have it inspected by a professional as soon as possible. The crack in your foundation could be a result of water leaking in as a result of improper drainage.

Musty Odors

Before long, if mold is in your home you will begin to smell it very soon. It is best described as a musty and mildewy smell. Furthermore, mold spores can cause health problems. Typically these health problems are minor and respiratory in nature. However, mold can have a more dangerous influence upon the young, elderly, and immune-compromised. In essence, a musty smell or unexplained respiratory could signal mold growth within your home brought on by water damage.

Stay on the lookout for each of those signs from day-to-day as you go throughout your home. If you notice even the slightest indication of any of these things you should immediately investigate to examine the level of damage. For further investigation and restoration to your total satisfaction our pros at Champion Cleaning Systems in the Peachtree City area only a call away!