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Water Damage Cleanup Hazards

Water Damage Cleanup Hazards

Water damage inside Newnan homes and businesses can create a lot of damage. The earlier that the water damage is cleaned up and repaired, the better the restoration results will be. The longer you wait to take care of water damage, the worse the damage gets. Water spreads quickly and deeply. Long-standing water is harder to remove and dry up. Water also quickly turns into mold damage the longer it is left. Even small amounts of water in carpets, on walls or ceilings, around floorboards and windowsills, will create mold if left alone for too long. Here are some risks you and your property may face if you don’t take immediate action when it comes to water damage.

Structural Damages

If water is dripping from your ceiling or you see a water spot on your ceiling or wall, don’t simply put a bucket or a towel over the problem. Seeing water in these places is not normal. Don’t ignore it! Once you see water damage in your home, it is crucial to call a restoration company immediately. Enough damage has already occurred if water has already seeped through your wall or ceiling. If you wait any longer the damage will get worse.

When walls become wet and the problem isn’t resolved, the walls may begin to cave in, drywall can start to chip off, and the wood may rot and give out. In addition, water damage to the foundation of your home is detrimental to the integrity of your home. Your home may shift due to unsteady foundation, sink further into the ground, and stability is altered. These problems are one hundred times worse and more expensive than a little water damage. Call a professional to avoid more issues. Lastly, the water leakage will get worse. A simple leaky pipe is an easy fix; however, if not fixed immediately, the leaky pipe can soon become a busted pipe. Consequently, a small water spot becomes a flooded basement. To avoid future structural problems, call a professional to take care of your water damage needs.

Mold Infestations

A moist, warm location is prime for mold to grow. Water damage maintains the perfect conditions for mold to multiply. In order to prevent mold growth before it starts, the contaminated areas need to be dried and sanitized as soon as possible. If not dried and sanitized, spores will begin to colonize and germinate; consequently, within two weeks mold will be visible. Just because you don’t see mold after water damage doesn’t mean it’s not there. When mold isn’t properly taken care of, the infestations can get out of hand. Make sure to treat water damage as soon as possible to avoid mold invading your home.

Health Risks

Despite the health risk mold can provide you, the type of water damage can pose health problems as well. For instance, a leaky sink or faucet is clean water and doesn’t carry harmful bacteria; on the other hand, water damage from sump pumps or toilets pose a much bigger risk. Sometimes the source of water damage may be unknown; consequently, the water could be harmless or harmful. You don’t know. Despite the situation, any water damaged area needs to be properly dried and disinfected to prevent health risks.

Professional Water Damage Cleanup In Newnan

Overall, untreated water damage can pose serious future problems to your health and your home. The damage should be cleaned up and treated by a professional to ensure safety. Champion Cleaning Systems in Newnan is prepared 24/7 for any water damage or water cleanup you may have.