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Sewer Problems Due To Tree Roots

Sewer Problems Due To Tree Roots

Large mature trees add shade, beauty and tree climbing memories to our yards. In Georgia, stately trees add prestige, a sense of history, and some value to your real estate. However, we at Champion Cleaning Systems warn that their deep roots can cause extensive damage to underground pipes.

Tree roots grow into water lines because it is natural for them to seek out a water source. Water lines not only provide water, but also nutrients and oxygen that are essential to a tree’s growth. Tree roots are drawn to the warm water inside sewer pipes that cause vapor to escape into the soil. And if the root finds a crack or leak in the pipe, they’ll creep in the pipe wall and grow into the pipe, blocking off the flow of waste into the sewer. They will stop anything trying to make its way through the pipe including tissue paper and other debris.

A slowed draining system is a common indicator of root problems. You may first hear gurgling noises in your toilet bowl. This is a sign that pipes are not able to flow easily. If left unattended the roots will completely block the pipes and total blockage will occur. As the tree roots grow and expand the crack in the pipe or the pipe joint, they can eventually cause it to break apart.

As a homeowner in Newnan, you are responsible for maintaining sewer lines that connect to the sewer pipes in your house and the main city sewer system. Because most homeowners don’t know where their pipes are buried they don’t know where the potential hazards lie.

Avoid An Expensive (And Messy) Problem

The most effective way to keep tree roots from entering your water lines is knowing where your pipes are buried. Don’t plant certain aggressive trees and hedges near these waterlines. Ask at a local (not chainstore) nursery for best bets.

Keep invasive tree roots from plugging your sewer line by boring them out with a rented auger, cutting the trees or calling in pros. The sewage damage pros will bore the line open for you, treat the roots with poison, replace the old pipe or reline the old pipe.

To prevent major blockage you should schedule a regular cleaning of your sewer lateral pipe. A sewage damage professional can look through your entire underground pipe system to make sure that no damage is occurring. Forgotten under your yard, the buried sewer line can be damaged by tree roots, which leads to collapsed sections and unreliable water pressure. Then a leak of raw sewage requires extensive professional decontamination to make the premises safe again. Prevent problems with a video inspection of the sewer line, the gold standard to check for developing problems.

Water Damage Cleanup In Newnan

Rely on Champion Cleaning Systems for black water and sewer clean-up. Our industrial grade dehumidifiers, high-speed air movers, and documented drying process will return your wet mess into a safe, beautiful and comfortable home. The experienced team is on-call to respond 24 hours a day.