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Tips on Cleaning Carpet in Peachtree City

Cleaning Carpet Tips in Peachtree City

Dirt is a hazard for you carpet fibers. When you walk on carpets full of dirt you are grinding the sharp dirt particles against the fiber, causing tiny little breaks and cuts in the fiber. Dirt scratches and dulls your carpet fibers making your carpets look dingy and worn. Over time, those dirt particles will eventually grind your carpet fibers down making it easier for stains to take hold. Champion Cleaning Systems has come up with a few tips you can use to keep your carpets as dirt free as possible.


When you vacuum your carpets take your time! It is not a race and a slow and steady pace gets the job done. Spend some extra time on areas with high-traffic, such as entryways. Vacuuming twice a week is ideal.

Vacuum Maintenance

A vacuum with a dirty filter, bag or cylinder doesn’t have the suction power it would if it were clean. One of the main reasons bagless vacuums quit working is because the filters are not maintained. Replace or wash your filters every 2-3 months. When your vacuum bags are three-fourths the way full empty or replace them.

Use Rugs or Mats

Placing small rugs or mats in entryways and high traffic areas will help extend the life of your carpets. Use mats with a coarse texture outside your home to remove a large amount of soil. You can even purchase water absorbent mats to prevent wet shoes from damaging your carpets.

Following these three tips can go a long way in preventing damage to your carpets. However, even if you follow these tips to the tee your carpets will still need to be professionally cleaning every 6-9 months to keep the warranty intact or to keep stains and spots from becoming permanent.

Champion Cleaning Systems specializes in cleaning carpets in Peachtree City. Our certified professionals know how to properly clean your carpets and can restore them back to their former glory. If your carpets are starting to look dingy, haven’t been professionally cleaned in months (or at all) contact Champion Cleaning Systems in Peachtree City! We will give you the best carpet cleaning in Peachtree City that you have ever had!