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The 101 On Sewage Cleanup In Stockbridge

The 101 On Sewage Cleanup In Stockbridge

Sewage damage is one of the most unfortunate disasters that can affect your Stockbridge home. Along with the inconvenience, sewage damage can pose some serious threats to your health and risks your home. In order to ensure a successful and safe cleanup process, we at Champion Cleaning Systems recommend some actions to take and not take following any sewage damage in your home.

  • Avoid flushing any toilets in the home, and to not attempt to drain tubs or sinks. When there is sewage damage, the plumbing system can already be overwhelmed so you do not want to add to the workload or increase pressure in the system. To be safe, it is a good idea to shut off your main water line following sewage damage so that you cannot use any water until the sewage damage has been resolved and cleaned up.
  • Along with turning off the water supply line, you should also turn off the power to the affected area. Electrical equipment can become extremely dangerous when introduced to any form of water damage, sewage included. Because there is an increased risk of electrical shock following sewage damage, use extreme caution if you have to enter the area.
  • Do not use the HVAC system in the home until after the sewage has been cleaned up. Harmful contaminants can become airborne, and if the HVAC system is used, it can spread those contaminants throughout the entire home. It is important to try to keep contamination contained to the affected area. If possible, open a window in the area to allow ventilation.
  • Keep children, pets, and all other members of the household away from the area that sustained the sewage damage.
  • If you do have to enter the damaged area, be sure that you have adequate protective gear on. Personal protective equipment like gloves, rubber boots, waders, facemasks, and eyeglasses should be used to reduce the risk of contamination exposure. Direct contact with sewage should be avoided at all costs. Because sewage is grossly contaminated, contact with it can cause serious health threats.
  • Any personal belongings that have come in contact with sewage water will require thorough sterilization, and some things may even need to be discarded. Items that have been fully saturated, or exposed to sewage for prolonged periods of time should be thrown out. For those items that can be salvaged, you should ensure that they can be thoroughly sanitized before returning them to use.
  • As soon as you notice sewage damage, you need to call in the professionals. Sewage damage needs to be cleaned up as quickly as possible to mitigate any further damage, and ensure successful restoration. At Champion Cleaning Systems, we have the proper training, experience, equipment, and protection to safely cleanup sewage damage. Not only will we extract the sewage, but we will ensure everything is sanitized, dried completely, and then thoroughly sanitized to restore a healthy living environment.

Professional Sewage Cleanup In Stockbridge

Do not waste any time, or expose yourself to unnecessary harm when you are dealing with sewage damage in Stockbridge, call the professionals at Champion Cleaning Systems right away.