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Safe Summer Grilling

Safe Summer Grilling

AHHH, the delicious aroma of meats and veggies over an open flame. Whether you love a rare rib-eye, grilled asparagus, or good ol’ fashioned burgers, grilling is an iconic American tradition. But your Newnan backyard poses a fire risk.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, about 5,700 grill fires take place on residential properties every year, most caused by malfunctioning gas grills. These fires cause an annual average of $37 million in damage, 100 injuries and 10 fatalities. In addition, thousands of people visit emergency rooms every year because they have burned themselves while barbecuing. Before your next cookout, we at Champion Cleaning Systems want you to check out these fire safety tips.

Location, Location, Location

Above all else, select a grilling location that’s well-ventilated and free of obstacles. Operate your barbecue on a level surface away from your house, garage and landscaping. Stay clear from wooden fencing, railings or anything else that’s highly flammable. Notice any low hanging branches; trim as needed

Keep A Fire Extinguisher Handy

For your personal and surrounding safety, have a fully functional fire extinguisher at hand. Then let everyone know where it is and how to operate it. It’s good to be prepared with a lightweight and efficient fire extinguisher to protect your outdoor kitchen.

Properly Maintain And Store Your Grill

At the start of each grilling season check the grill hose for cracks, holes and brittleness. Check for blockages, especially in the Venturi tube that runs to the burners. These can be caused by food drippings, spiders or insects. (Clear any blockages with a wire or pipe cleaner.) Adjust hoses away from hot areas or where grease might drip on them.

Cover your grill when cooled and not in use to help protect its parts from inclement weather, falling leaves, and bugs. Store propane tanks outside, away from your house. After you serve the meal, make sure valves are firmly turned off.

Practice Good BBQ Habits

When barbecuing, use all the fire safety lessons from your scouting days… The Insurance Information Institute, Inc. suggests that you protect yourself with a heavy apron and oven mitts that reach high on the forearm. Use very long-handled utensils designed for barbecuing and never move the grill once it is lit.

Use only lighter fluid designed for grilling when charcoal grilling; never use gasoline or other flammable liquids or add more lighter fluid once the fire has started.

Wait until the grill is cooled before storing or covering. When you’re done cooking, remember that the grill will remain hot for a while. Soak those burned charcoal briquettes with water to ensure they are cool before throwing them away.

When You Suffer Fire Damage In Newnan

Enjoy summer grilling but recognize the risks; stay safe. If you need help cleaning up from a fire in your patio, kitchen, garage or office, Champion Cleaning Systems is on call to begin clean up within the hour. Fires can involve a combination of damages including thermal damage, smoke damage, and damage caused by fire departments and sprinkler systems.

Champion’s fire restoration specialists can explain potential damage that can occur to a fire damaged house and how to properly eliminate any remnants of smoke or soot.