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How to Make Your Home Fire Safe

How to Make Your Home Fire Safe

It is impossible to promise that you will never experience a fire in your Sharpsburg home. But if an emergency does arise, you have fire damage restoration professionals, like Champion Cleaning Systems. There are, however, countless ways to avoid a fire in a home. Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or are newly moved in, making sure you are following these fire safety tips could save your life and your home.

Update the Electricity

You would not believe the number of homes that have wiring that is not up to code. There are many novice electricians who have left live wires exposed, crossed wires within the walls, or have not set up the fuse box correctly. All of these problems could start a fire. If you are in an older home or have recently moved into a home where you are unsure of who has taken on electricity DIY projects in the past, you might want to have some ease of mind and have a professional check it out.

Check Fire Alarm Batteries

Fire alarms can be annoying when they go off constantly to remind you to change batteries, especially in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, because they can be so persistent, people will sometimes disconnect them all together and say that they will replace the batteries when they get a chance. This can be a huge risk to your health, so instead of disconnecting them because you’re frustrated, plan ahead and have a reserve of batteries on hand. Batteries do expire but they can last a lot longer if you keep them in the fridge. You can also mark a day on your calendar every few months where you check each of your fire alarms to make sure they are working correctly. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Electronics Safety

One big cause of fires in homes is overheating electronics. To avoid this, make sure you don’t have furniture, bean bags, blankets, or any flammable things on or around your electronics such as laptop computers, Playstations, or modems. Put these devices on desks or shelves instead of on your bed or carpets and make sure they are able to be well ventilated. Fire damage restoration professionals are called to homes many times because electronic devices weren’t stored correctly and caused a fire.

Open Flames

One obvious fire safety tip is to be careful with open flames in your home. Make sure that you don’t burn candles while you are away or in bedrooms. An even better tip is to opt out of burning candles and use a fragrance plugin or wax melter instead if you like to keep a nice smell in your home. If you smoke, do it outside. There are too many ways that you could damage your home or your belongings with stray ash. It will also decrease the value of your home to have smoke odor inside. If you have any smoke odor in your home, you may want to call a fire damage restoration crew to deodorize it, especially if you are planning on moving.