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Preventing Laundry Room Water Damage

Preventing Laundry Room Water Damage

Prevention is the key to dealing with laundry room water damage in Peachtree City. There’s nothing quite as frustrating or as damaging as an unchecked washing machine pouring water onto your floor. There are a number of products on the market today that can help prevent a laundry room flood.

Take it from Champion Cleaning Systems, Peachtree City’s local water damage professionals. A few upfront precautions can help you catch a potential problem before it turns into a disaster. Prevention is your number one key to success when it comes to laundry room floods. A washing machine is one of several high water usage appliances within your home, and when something goes wrong it can dump a tremendous amount of water onto your floor.

Washer Floor Tray

A washing machine floor tray sits under your washer and it’s always ready to catch excess water. Many floor trays are designed with drain fittings that can allow the water to be redirected to a floor drain. Although you can purchase an inexpensive floor tray for your washer that’s made from plastic, Champion recommends buying a metal tray. Metal trays will not crack or break and they’ll offer you years of worry-free security.

Trays are available in most home centers.

Burst Proof Hoses

When a washer hose breaks, 500 gallons of water can flood your laundry room floor every hour. Using burst proof washer hoses provide additional protection over standard rubber hoses because they are encased within a stainless steel mesh.

When using new hose washers, make sure that they are properly hand-tightened to supply valves and the inlet of the washing machine. Be careful; make sure any plastic coupling pieces do not crack.

Automatic Laundry Shut Off

For an added level of protection, upgrade to an automatic washing machine water shutoff valves with leak sensor. These valves are used in residential applications to protect against potentially catastrophic water damage due to a burst inlet hose connected to a washing machine – whether your are home or not.

If a washer hose bursts, the shut off switch will immediately close the hot and cold water valves that service your washing machine. A sensor is positioned on the floor, and when triggered the water supply will be immediately shut down to prevent further damage to your laundry room.

Another option is a wet switch flood detector. These detectors are placed within a washer floor tray and when triggered, shut down the appliance. Although designed for cooling systems, wet switches work well with detecting a leak from a washing machine.

We at Champion Cleaning Systems hope these tips help! We want you to avoid water damage. But in the case that it does happen, our team of experts are ready to step in and help.