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How to Deal with Disaster in Newnan

Water Damage Cleanup in Newnan

Dealing with any kind of home disaster such as water damage, fire damage or smoke damage can be devastating. If your Newnan home suffers from water, fire or smoke damage call in the professionals at Champion Cleaning Systems! Our certified technicians have extensive knowledge when it comes to performing disaster services in Newnan.

Our Certified technicians believe that disaster restoration requires experience, know-how and the right equipment to properly remove and repair your Newnan home or business. Champion Cleaning Systems has compiled some great information concern the disaster cleanup process for the most common disasters.

Water Damage Cleanup

It may not seem like it but water can cause an unruly amount of damage to your Newnan home or business and can be caused by a variety of sources such as outdoor flooding, clogged drains or leaky pipes, a backed up sewage system or from a leaky roof or poorly insulated basement. It is important to call in a water damage cleanup professional like Champion Cleaning Systems as soon as possible when dealing with a water invasion. Water damage can happen fast or if it is hidden it can cause damage over time, getting into nooks and crannies you didn’t know existed. If water damage isn’t dealt with immediately you could be dealing with mold and mildew growth.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Newnan

Fires are dangerous and nasty disasters to have to deal with. Fire damage brings smoke damage which ultimately leads to water damage. Fires can cause havoc on your homes structural integrity, furniture, electrical system, ventilations system and personal belongings. Exposing these items to smoke from a fire can cause a variety of chemical reactions to occur, such as discoloration, rust, odors, and fiber damage. If left alone, smoke can saturate areas in your Newnan home or business that were not affect by the fire.

Once the fire has been put out call Champion Cleaning Systems as soon as possible! Our certified technicians can prevent any secondary damage and repair any salvageable content in your home.

Steps you can take to prevent extensive fire, water or smoke damage

  • Open any windows and doors to create a fresh air flow through the home. This allows residual smoke to leave any enclosed spaces in your Newnan home or business.
  • When dealing with smoke damage turn off your HVAC system to prevent spreading the smoke.
  • Remove any wet items from the affected area so they can dry while waiting for the professionals to arrive.
  • Use plastic to cover and dry or clean items or remove them from the area if possible.

Contact Champion Cleaning Systems for any of your disaster service needs in Newnan. Our certified technicians have an in depth knowledge of what steps and solutions can be used to resolve and any all of your disaster restoration needs. When disaster strikes call in the professionals at Champion Cleaning Systems!