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Stay Safe After A House Fire

Stay Safe After A House Fire

Fire damage to a home causes more problems than most people are aware of. There are many hidden health risks associated with house fires, and the remnants a fire leaves behind. From the preceding fire damage to water damage that may eventually occur, the best way to ensure safety for yourself and others in your home is to recognize the precautions to take after a fire.

Many fires do not burn all the materials they come in contact with cleanly. The result of this is leftover soot, smoke, and ash. Fires can cause disturbing odors, but what are you breathing in? Fires leave behind waste products that can be harmful to your health. Many modern homes contain new hazardous plastics, carpets, foams, woods, synthetic fabrics, and wool that can cause a variety of issues when burned. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to the dangers of fire damage due to weaker immune systems.

Health risks increase when you come in contact with smoke or soot through your eyes, when you inhale, and when you eat. Most smoke particles are hidden to the naked eye. This invisible threat exposes you to health risks without any warning. The human body is not designed to inhale harsh particles from fire damage.

Aside from health risks due to lingering smoke and soot, there is a good probability that mold or water damage may occur as fire breaks down certain elements of the home. Mold can cause additional health concerns when not removed successfully removed.

These issues create a dangerous environment for even trained professionals. If soot enters your bloodstream, it can cause pulmonary and respiratory issues, bronchitis, asthma, shortness of breath, and even strokes, heart attacks, or cancer. In young children, the effects can be even more harmful, as studies have shown that even short-term exposure to such materials or soot can cause long-term problems.

If fire damage has occurred in your home in Peachtree City, don’t touch or move anything without the go-ahead from firefighters that helped put out the fire. Moving items may cause conditions that are not in accordance with your insurance company. When you are instructed that the area is clear, quickly remove all personal documentation, cash, credit information, checkbooks, licenses and permits, and other valuable information.

Remember to take extensive records of all property damage and discussions that you hold. Such information will be beneficial for future dealings with insurance companies and restoration companies. This information is essential to the future of your home and property.

Professional restoration services can ensure your safety and successful rehabilitation. Though professional cleanup may seem extensive, drawn-out, and a waste of time, when fire damage is not properly addressed, safety will be a concern for many years. Protective equipment for the eyes, skin, and respiratory systems is essential when dealing with fire damage, and restoration companies have the best access to that equipment. Standard ventilation processes are necessary for professionals to complete to restore indoor air quality. Champion Cleaning Restoration services, among other companies, is available 24/7 for your fire damage cleanup needs.