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Water Damage Due To Frozen Pipes

Water Damage Due To Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes aren’t always a problem in Georgia, but when the right type of weather hits the cities of Peachtree, Newnan, or Sharpsburg, frozen pipes can cause some serious water damage disasters to homes and businesses.

Frozen Pipe Bursts

When pipes are not insulated from freezing weather, water that is stooped up inside the pipes can cause a horrendous problem. When pipes freeze, they expand, and when they expand they do not have the right amount of flexibility to handle the expansion and the break or burst open. Frozen pipe bursts can cause a ferocious amount of water to flow from the plumbing and a frozen pipe situation creates a severe water damage emergency.

Cleaning up a water damage disaster takes a lot of work. Water damage isn’t just a surface level problem. When water is not extracted from a space that has been flooded or even just dampened, it can create an underlying mold problem that will become dangerous and expensive to clean up.

Frozen Pipe Leaks

Frozen pipes bursting is not the only cause of winter water damage. Frozen pipe leaks happen in the walls of homes and businesses and can create a significant problem. Leaks aren’t always noticed right away and when they are finally found, structural damage has usually set in already and, more than likely, mold damage.

During the winter months, it is important to have your property inspected for water damage due to frozen pipe leaks – just in case. Champion Restoration has a high-quality certified & insured restoration team that can help you locate any frozen pipe leaks and tell you how to prevent future water damage due to frozen pipe bursts and frozen pipe leaks.

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