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Fire Damage Prevention Tips in Peachtree City

Fire Damage Prevention Tips in Peachtree City

Now that the Holiday season has arrived, it is a great time to spend time with your family and friends you love. However, experiencing a house fire during the holiday season could be devastating. Here are a few tips to help prevent fire damage in your Peachtree City home so you can have a safe and happy holiday season.

Prevent Electrical Fires

According to the US Department of Energy, the number one cause of a fire around the holiday seasons are caused by electrical fires due to overloaded outlets. To help prevent this from happening, never use frayed, or old extension or power cords. Make sure you are only using one extension or power cord per outlet. When plugging in your holiday lights, never stack more than three strings of lights end to end.

Never use anything sharp or metal when attaching your lights outside. Using metal or sharp objects could puncture the wire, causing a greater risk of fire damage in your Peachtree City home. Always use lights rated for outdoor use when hanging lights outside. Leaving your lights up all year round can also be hazardous because small animals and weather can damage the wires and increase your chance of having fire damage.

Safely Use Fireplaces

Fireplaces are a great way to stay warm during the colder winter months, but before you use your fireplace, check to see if there is soot hardened on the chimney walls. Get your fireplace chimney inspected before the holiday season to prevent a chimney fire and fire damage in your home. Always clear the area around your fireplace from any furniture or any other potentially flammable materials. Do not place wrapped gifts around fireplace. You should also never leave your fireplace on unattended while you are sleeping or away from the house.

Preventing Fire Damage from Candles

A great way to reduce the potential of a fire damage in your Peachtree City home is to be careful where you set candles in your home. Make sure to place candles on a sturdy surface, and don’t place the candle directly on top of a decorative tablecloth or other flammable material. Make sure to keep at least one foot of space between your candle and any flammable material. Setting your candles on a study base will help reduce the risk of having pets or children knocking you candle over onto the floor or onto something flammable. Always walk around your house before you go to bed and make sure all your candles are blown out to reduce the possibility of fire damage in your Peachtree City home. Never leave candles unattended for any reason.

Fire Damage Restoration in Peachtree City

Fires are more likely to occur in December than any other month, mostly due to the increased risk of fire due to holiday decorations. Always practice fire safety. If you do experience fire damage in your home, Champion Cleaning Systems provides fire damage cleanup services in Peachtree City and the surrounding communities. Contact us today.