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Disaster Services in Peachtree City: Be Prepared

After the Disaster: How We Are Prepared to Help YOU!

Disaster Services in Peachtree City

Hurricane Andrew has come and gone, but it will be months before parts of the East Coast return to normal. For many, it will be a new normal after their home or business was destroyed or severely damaged by the hurricane and subsequent severe flooding.

While not all restoration contractors are prepared to help dozens of homeowners after a major catastrophe, like a hurricane or flood, Champion Cleaning Systems is always ready to mobilize to help victims in the Peachtree City area.

We suggest even though a disaster may not be on the horizon right now, that you do your homework and have a reputable restoration company that you trust in the contacts on your phone. That way, if disaster does strike, you have a number to call at your fingertips. The sooner you act, the sooner crews can head off the damage and get the restoration process started.

When a disaster is heading our way, like a hurricane, you can rest assured that our team is keeping a close eye on the forecast and news reports, too. If there is a newsworthy disaster of some kind happening in this city, be it flood, fire, tornado, etc., we are ready to respond. Disaster response contractors provide 24/7 response during disasters, no matter the size, starting with just one phone call from someone needing help. Every fire or flood is a disaster to the victim, and should be treated as such. Our crews are not only efficient and well-trained, they are also compassionate and understand we are likely meeting you on one of your worst days.

We also have an arsenal of equipment in their warehouse from air movers and dryers to disinfectants, cleaning supplies, and personal protection equipment. Companies like Champion also work very closely with suppliers and vendors so in the event that they need more of some product quickly, they can make it happen. The arsenal of equipment includes a fleet of vehicles ready to go at any time. The vehicles are well maintained, and fuel can be trucked in from outlying areas if there is a backlog at local gas stations.

How Prepared are You for The Next Big Disaster?

Does your family have a plan in place in case disaster strikes? Think about where you will go to find safety, your evacuation route, and how you’ll stay safe. If there are evacuation orders, where will you go? Be sure to think about variables like cell phone towers being down, and internet and cable inaccessible.

It’s always a good idea to have an emergency kit on hand with water, non-perishable foods, flashlights, a first aid kid, and other essential items.

Rest assured our team is ready for the next big disaster well before it hits. The more prepared we are as a team, the faster we can get your home restored. Once you make the call, Champion Cleaning Systems will be there to help.