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4 Carpet Care Myths Busted

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Are you the proud owner of new carpet, or in the market for new carpet for your Sharpsburg-area home? Fantastic! New carpet can truly increase the value of a home, and its comfort level for the people living there. After all, what’s better than sinking your feet into a plush, new carpet first thing in the morning as you get out of bed? Or watching your baby crawl around on new carpet in the living room?

If this is an investment you are looking to make, it is important to take into consideration the value in properly maintaining that new carpet during its lifespan in your home. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car and never get an oil change. Your carpet should be no different. The better care you give your carpet, the longer it will last and the better it will look. Now, let’s bust some myths related to carpet.

1. My carpet is just one or two years old, no need to clean it!

False! It is very common for people to believe carpet doesn’t need to be cleaned until there is visible dirt, but that is simply not true. Carpet fibers rub deep, and dirt can easily work deep into the carpet over time and even down into the pad without proper, routine cleanings. It is actually that unseen dirt that can do the most damage to your carpet by breaking down the protective fiber coating and even the backing on your carpet. As that breaks down from the set-in dirt, that’s when you start to see chunks of carpet coming out with the vacuum. Yikes!

2. I can clean it myself!

There are more carpet cleaning products than we could possibly try to name, and many of them deserve to stay right on the store shelves. Aside from the fact that many contain harsh chemicals and can do more harm than good to your carpets, they also make crazy promises to clean and remove stains from your carpet without any scrubbing or rinsing. Well … what happens to the dirt and the residue from that product? You guessed it – it works its way into your carpet.

The other truth behind these products is many can damage your carpet, and even change the color. Oxygen-based products make work for a short time, but will also break down carpet fibers over time. Hiring a professional who uses top-of-the-line, safe products, and tools to clean your carpet will get your home cleaner, and help elongate the life of your carpet.

3. My dog had an accident, now my carpet is ruined

Don’t worry, with professional help, this is probably not the case! Soiled carpet only needs to be discarded in extreme cases. In most instances, professionals can use an enzyme-based pet odor remover that will actually digest and remove the odor completely. Often, the stain comes right out with the enzyme too, or another product can be used to remove the stain for good.

4. Vacuuming often is enough

Okay, this is the last myth we are going to dispel today – and it is one of the most common. If you vacuum once or twice a week, kudos to you! However, the EPA and most carpet manufacturers recommend daily vacuuming of carpet to pick up indoor and outdoor debris that might settle in. Believe it or not, a whole lot of debris can set in in just one day.

Bringing in Champion Rugs routinely to clean your rugs will not only prolong their life, it will keep them looking better longer, and cozier for more babies.