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Steps To Take After Fire Damage

Steps To Take After Fire Damage

Have you ever heard the saying, “Fire, water, and government know nothing of mercy,”? As a cleaning and restoration company, we’ll respectfully decline to comment on our political persuasions and opinions of the government, but, we can attest to the truth of that statement at least where fire and water are concerned. In a matter of minutes, a home or business that you have invested in for years, cared for and made personal sacrifices to improve, and perhaps grown fond of as certain milestones were reached, can be reduced to a soggy or crispy pile. That being said, there are ways to minimize those damages and to rebound. Here’s your guide to fire damage restoration after your Stockbridge home experiences a fire emergency:

  • Safety First! Make sure your family or other endangered people are accounted for. Call for help as soon as you can. Do not underestimate fires as they are happening, but also remember that fumes, super-heated air trapped in the home, and structural or electrical damages can be more dangerous than the actual fire itself.
  • Get help from family and friends. People are more willing to help than people often think; it is okay to ask for help with temporary housing and basic necessities for your family if your house has been rendered unsafe by a fire.
  • Trust the experts. Do not enter your home before you’ve been given the “go ahead,” and, then, proceed with caution. It can be helpful to wear personal protective clothing and a mask in case of loose dust and soot that can be harmful to breathe in.
  • Salvage important things. Take pictures of damages, and see if there are valuables (perhaps you can locate where you kept an antique pearl necklace, or a safe with birth certificates and social security cards inside. Remove undamaged things, although be sure to clean them thoroughly- see step 7.
  • To avoid stirring up soot and dust as best you can, place dry linens or towels in the areas of highest traffic. However, a draft or slight ventilation can help prevent odors from setting in areas of your home that may not need total restoration.
  • Always throw away packaged or canned food that way exposed in any way to the heat, flames, or restorative water.
  • When it comes to clothing or dishes that have been in a fire– proceed with caution. Even if those things appear relatively untouched by flames, you should always wash them before using them because they may have been exposed to noxious chemicals and harmful vapors or soot.

Fire Damage In Stockbridge

To receive prompt help in your restorative efforts, call Champion Cleaning Systems in Stockbridge; we understand that fires and other restorative emergencies can represent devastating losses for all involved. We’ve seen it personally in our lives and the lives of people we love. It is our mission to make the experience of working with us a great one despite the challenges that come with your unique situation. We are trained, able, compassionate fire damage experts, and are always ready to respond to your call.